Terms and contractual conditions of purchase

The socks that we produce are made with "EU standard" parameters.

In case of doubt about what size to order, you can take into consideration the standard parameters provided by our table.

1) The prices shown include VAT in force

2) Any invoicing must be expressly request together with the order. If it is not required, invoice the gear
will be sent with Tax Receipt or equivalent (art. 22 of Presidential Decree 633/72)

3) Time required for the realization about ... working days from the date of payment (Saturdays and holidays are not computable in processing times).

4) For orders of large quantities or with details needs the timing must be agreed.

5) The processing will start on the working day following the one of the payment having been credited.

6) In case of shipping to an address different from the one of residence or domicile detectable on the bell / intercom (eg on the workplace or other place) it is MANDATORY to indicate it.
We disclaim all responsibility for errors on shipments caused by incorrect and / or incomplete addresses or absence of recipient. Costs and charges for any problems caused by incorrect / incomplete addresses will be totally charged to the customer.

7) Normally, we put on the shipping documents the telephone number of the recipient. Please note that the shipper is not obliged to call (usually calls only in the case of locations that are not easy to reach and in the absence of the house number). 

8) Shipping addresses and phone numbers ARE NOT ARCHIVED and are not transferred to databases or similar.

9) The perception / resolution of colors on the web page depends, as known, from the video card installed on each PC that can vary by brand and model, monitor and color profile settings used by same. 

10) All orders are subject to our approval and confirmation.

11) We reserve the right to request documentation certifying the "Contractual capacity" (greater age).

12) We reserve the right to cancel orders even after being previously accepted and confirmed by us (notifying the client and making full and immediate refund of the amount paid and nothing else, if and when the payment has already been made and credited) for technical reasons, reasons of force majeure, as well as commercial and / or administrative reasons that we are not supposed to justify.

MichelAngelo's socks.