Extended information on the use of cookies

Pursuant to Article 13 of the Code regarding protection of personal data.


Cookies are small lines of text sent by websites to browser used by the user, then stored on the hard disk of the
site visitor's device. Third-party cookies are set from extraneous websites, due to the presence of elements residing on servers different from that of the site visited and differ according to they use and the length of their stay; they can stay on the disc permanently fixed (permanent cookies), for a variable time (cookies
variables) or disappear when the browser is closed.

Technical Cookies

These are cookies used to navigate or a provide a service requested by the user. The activities carried out by technical cookies are strictly necessary for the use of the websites in which they are contained. No consent is required by the visiting user for the installation of these cookies but the site manager is obliged to give
the information pursuant to art. 13 of the Code.

These cookies allow for example the activities of home banking for which cookies that allow you to make and maintain identification of the user within the session, are indispensable. No user authorization is required to install this type of cookies.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to monitor the correct website operation, and perform a statistical analysis, collecting
information in anonymous form. They are not to be confused with technical cookies: Il Garante (see provision of 8 May 2014) stated that they can be similar to technical cookies only if used for optimization purposes of the site directly by the owner of the site itself, who can collect it to have further information on the number of users and on how these visit the site. 

Profiling Cookies

Profiling cookies track the navigation of the user and are used to create a profile based on his or her choices
his research habits. In this way, the user can receive messages, advertising in line with the preferences shown while browsing network. Profiling cookies can only be installed after that the user has been informed of their presence and has consented to their use.

Navigation cookies

Navigation cookies are used to create a potential account, make payments, and are cookies necessary for the functioning of the website.

Third-party cookies

MichelAngelo Srls may use third-party cookies, as service providers, which help to offer security, speed and a
better service.

MichelAngelo Srls makes use of the possibility of using also cookies that can repropose selected items based on its own tastes, offer you advertising, make statistics and anonymous analyzes. These service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements as per legal restrictions on the use or collection of any personal information.
The use of these cookies is governed by rules established by those third parties.

All required personal data comes eventually acquired only after the consent of the user, obtained after having informed him of the legislation reported in this section. 

Disabling cookies

Each user can disable cookies, withdrawing the consent at any time. Some features of this site are possible only through the use of cookies, but this does not preclude the possibility to disable them.

Where applicable, we protect cookies and other similar technologies to ensure that only MichelAngelo Srls and / or our suppliers of authorized services can use this data without storing personal data in cookies or similar technologies.

These service providers are subject to the agreements of confidentiality as per legal restrictions on the use or collection of any personal information. The use of cookies is governed by privacy rules of these third parties.

Profiling cookies can be disabled by accessing a

Disabling all cookies used is possible
in the reference browsers, to which the address below is reported. Internet Explorer

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